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Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS 0.13.0

Updated: May 05, 2021

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License: Free
Version: 0.13.0
File size: 709.6 MB
Publish date: March 29, 2021
Minimum OS Android 5.0+ (Lollipop)
Category Android Action Games
Game name com.azurgames.dinosaurs

About Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS game

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  1. CloudApks's Review
  2. What's New
  3. Description
  4. User's Reviews
  5. Instruction for installing
  6. FAQ

CloudApks's review

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS game is a free Android Action game, has been published by AI GAMES FZ on March 29, 2021.

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS 0.13.0 is latest version of Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS game updated by CloudApks.com on May 05, 2021. On this page you can find Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS apk details, game permissions, previous versions, installing instruction as well as usefull reviews from verified users.

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS game apk we provide on this webiste is original and unmodified, no viruses or malware, no additional costs. If there are any problems about downloading, installing this game apk, please let us know.

What's New (Latest updates)

– New Kronosaurus Mechanical dino! It can fly and dig underground. Also, the dino has a set of abilities and weapons for each of these modes.

– Chests – now you can get keys for participating in battles. These keys are used to open chests containing dinos, weapons, and other valuable items. You'll get a free chest with a cool reward if you manage to open the required number of chests before the season ends!

– Map fixes

– Auto-Shooting fix

The Description

The game is still under active development. We carefully read all your comments and feedback to make sure every new update counts. Thanks for your support!

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS is a mobile game like you've never seen before. Battle metal-plated monster dinos in a post-apocalyptic world! A synchronized 5x5 PvP free-to-play action shooter with different modes! Control beasts on land or in the sky, fully mechanized, augmented or organic: the choice is yours!
Tame and command dozens of blood-thirsty metal hunters ready to destroy anything in their paths to win!


Unique setting!
A harsh new world where only the strongest survive!
Game mechanics variety
Chew through enemies in melee attacks or strike from a distance, sabotage on the sly or hurl headlong into battle!
Tons of different creatures
Metal, organic or augmented: take your pick!

Land and air battles
Sky battle fans rejoice! We've got flying dinos and more. Pick your battleground!
A wealth of weapons
Equip your dino with any weapon you want, from traditional guns to next-gen energy blasters!

The game has 3 main dino types, including:

1. Full Metal – AI machines devoid of any biological tissue and mercy. Specially equipped with an energy shield against weapons from the old world.
Tyrannosaurus is at the top of the metal jungle food chain. He can jump from place to place with super speed and stun several enemies at once. Deadly in melee battles. One false move and the enemy is toast.

2. Organic – Life is evolving in round 2 upon the ruins of the destroyed old world. Now monsters from the Jurassic Era are out to kill, not to live.
Spinosaurus is an insatiable hunter killer. Dino butchers preying on lesser animals, spinosauri can hold their own in melee battle and against enemies with superior strength. Their jumps give them unmatched mobility, and their mighty roar can stun a whole group of enemies, leaving them open to deadly attacks.

3. Augmented – On the border of human and machine, they are the best of both worlds. Human intellect mixed with advanced tech form a deadly combination.
Triceratops – You don't want to get in his way when he's charging. Triceratops are always on the hunt for their next victim. Their razor sharp horns are tough to dodge in melee battle, and these beasts can even restore their own health if they need to.

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS is free to download and play, but some in-game elements are available for purchase. The game requires a stable internet connection. Mobile internet will do, but Wi-Fi is best.

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Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5
123K+ Ratings
5 ★ (9714)
4 ★ (2707)
3 ★ (6409)
2 ★ (13655)
1 ★ (90740)

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  • 2 : I like playing the game but of recent, becoming annoyed by the fact if the team is winning on points in a match they don't have to load out and they win automatically, it has been happening alot, this bs from sore loosers is what will make me stop playing the game and tell my friends not to play, with that being said they should have a time limit that either forceses them to play or kicks them off
  • 4 : I love the carnotaurus and it is useful. The reflecting thing takes down 3 dinosaurs! If you keep getting taken down by a ceratosaurus a million times then get you revenge! One thing I don't like is the chest prizes. I keep getting crystals but not 40 but like 12345 much. Can you fix that? Five stars when you fix it.
  • 5 : This is a great game it puts you with peaple that are as good as you so there is no one that you will fight that has been in the game for a year and has the best stuff if you just started and it is not pay to win because it is way smarter to grind for it because they make a insane price tag on it and even when peaple do get it and they are the same level as so they can fight you you still can kill them! now I wish there was a leader board or clans because after you get aver thing it gets boring
  • 1 : The worst match making game, I have ever seen. Not fair at all, until you reach lvl 24 you will see lots of bots after that you will faced p2w players with lvl 30 or above. Players power is not available or their monster weapons levels. Your Statistics are shown will be different in side and outside of the battle field.
  • 3 : This was supposed to be 5 stars the reason i didnt rate it 5 stars cause it lags so much sometimes i used the abilities of the allosaurus and it didnt work :/ then dinos that are mechanical and stuff are sooooooooooo rare like i did everything to do it and didnt even gat 1 SINGLE MECHANICAL and alsoo can you pls make more finos that needed level to unlock cause i dint get anything now its fun was being removed so plss add more
  • 2 : Pretty fun but it's just another BS "spend hundreds of $$$$ to win" type of game. Unless you're willing to spend a few $100 dollars on a game, don't bother.
  • 1 : If you want to spend a fortune to be the same strength as a beginner, this is the game for you! Anyone with a higher power level has been nerfed back to beginner level, the developers won't respond to any messages in game or any other method. I'm going through the play store to get any money back I've spent since I can't get any type of reply from the devs. These people are money hungry pieces of you know what
  • 1 : Pay to Win. Game lags. Controlls not smooth. Graphics are low which would have thought be less lag. But dinosaur jump half way across map. Could he a fun game if no lag and wasn't PTW. Oh wow thanks for the insight. Wow that made the game so much better. 🤬 If I could I would not give you one star. Fix the lag and the cheaters and maybe give another star or two. War Robots this game will never be.
  • 3 : Very good game, needs more attention, but when the game is over, it like it stoppes and said victory for a long time, but now it doesnt annoy me that much, keep up the work ^^, but there is like a new bug that i keep getting gems, Like when i open a dino chest it always give me 5 crystals, 20 TIMES IN A ROW, like bruh make the chest opening like you can stop it
  • 3 : The game is cool minus the terrible lag and upgrade times are way too long the prices are kinda expensive but it's a pay to win game so that's expected all around it has potential to be one of the best games in my opinion.
  • 3 : I enjoy the game but I definitely feel like its missing some features.... Its needs a way for players to connect and talk. And to be able to build teams, compete in tournaments those kind of things.
  • 4 : i enjoy the game i like fighting games as a gamer. i expected this from the game. but some of the flaws made me take a star small amount of gamemodes, a kind of pay to win game, not much maps, unfair match ups, and expensive ingame purchases. i mean i get why it would be expensive because it would be too easy but at the same time it makes it a really hard chore which makes it mostly impossible to win unless you got a good team I'm glitched because i open the game and it closes
  • 3 : Its not bad, but when i entered the game, but the loading was taking too long. I tried teverthing to log out, but it's still the same. When i uninstalled and installed back it, it was 34% loading the game. I can't play ;(
  • 4 : Great game concept and very addicting but its let down by some of its design. You have 0 chance to win a dinosaur or a weapon from the chests and opening enough chests to get a legendary chest without paying seems impossible. Honestly think this game could end up on par with major competitive games if it wasnt designed to encourage purchases and instead focused on developing its gameplay. Controller support would be awesome too.
  • 1 : The only thing keeping this game from being amazing is the devs! They give new players a false sense of power by boosting their damage, while nerfing veteran players. Yes, including players who have spent huge $$$. Unfortunately the devs have not made a statement on this issue which is sending a message to all players this is the future they want for the game. Absolutely frustrating to play a game where you literally get worse the more you play and upgrade. DONT GIVE THEM MONEY!

Instruction for installing Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS game apk on Android devices

Step 1: Download Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS game apk on this page, save it to easy-to-find location.

Step 2: Make sure that third-party applications are allowed on your device. Go to Menu > Settings > Security and check Unknown Sources to allow your device to install applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open Downloads on your device by going to My Files or Files, tap the APK file you downloaded (com.azurgames.dinosaurs-v0.13.0.apk), tap Install when prompted, this game will be installed on your device.

Note: Detailed steps may be varies with device. This apk file can also be installed on other devices like Windows, PC, Mac, Blackberry, ... Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Q: What is an APK File?

A: An Android Package Kit (APK for short) is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile applications. Just like Windows (PC) systems use an .exe file for installing software, Android does the same.

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As soon as the Play Store finds a version of the app newer than the one you've sideloaded, it will commence an update.

Q: What are Android Application permissions?

A: Applications require access to certain systems within your device. When you install an application, you are notified of all of the permissions required to run that application.

Game Permissions

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS game apk 0.13.0 apk requires following permissions:
  • Allows applications to open network sockets.
  • Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • Allows applications to access information about networks.
  • Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.
  • Allows access to the vibrator.
  • Allows an application to read from external storage.
  • Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.

Previous versions

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS 0.13.0:
Published on: March 29, 2021
File size: 71.1 MB
Download Apk

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS 0.12.0:
Published on: January 09, 2021
File size: 69.7 MB
Download Apk

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS 0.11.0:
Published on: October 30, 2020
File size: 67.5 MB
Download Apk

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS 0.11.0:
Published on: October 03, 2020
File size: 69.7 MB
Download Apk

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS 0.10.3:
Published on: June 29, 2020
File size: 67.8 MB
Download Apk

Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS 0.10.3:
Published on: May 08, 2020
File size: 67.7 MB
Download Apk