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Updated on: December 09, 2023

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Version: 5.5.9
File size: 65.5 MB
Requires Android Android 5.0+ (Lollipop)
Category Apps, Health & Fitness
Google Play ID com.elitehrv.app
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Are you looking for an accurate and easy-to-use heart rate variability (HRV) tracking app to monitor your stress and wel...... [ read more ]

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Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness is a complimentary Android Health & Fitness App developed by Elite HRV. Its most recent version, 5.5.9, was released on December 09, 2023.

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2 : The morning "readiness" score is worse than useless. I've found that scores often reflect the exact opposite of what they should. If I'm on the verge of overtraining (tired, sore, irritable after 2-3 hard days) I'll inevitably get a "readiness" score of 10. If I've had a couple of rest days with good sleep, the score will never be higher than 5. One morning I took four consecutive readings and obtained scores of 3, 9, 6 and 8. Same exact protocol for each, sitting quietly and relaxed.

1 : Big problems with CorSense. Does not connect. Everytime I have to uninstall, to close phone, to restart, everyday is my first reading, due to daily problems of connecting. I paid so much for the device and every morning is a hassel. I asked for help and they send me pages of how to close app, restart.....I wish I would get my money back for the device....

5 : This is an edited review. Initially the app would fail to connect with my heart rate monitor almost every time. But after I deleted and reinstalled the app, it's working much better. I find the app easy-to-use, and the information it provides very useful

4 : Connecting a polar h7 to a pixel 2 running 11 is PAINFUL. Spend 30 minutes every morning, having to run through all connection troubleshooting tips multiple times. And sometimes multiple times during the day. Not sure it's worth it.

3 : Best HRV app out there. I've checked them all. I'm giving it 3 stars because of the integrations. Google Fit workout is slow to update but works. What we need is weight and sleep to Auto track to Elite HRV. Huge pain to have to type in your details from say "Android Sleep" again over to HRV. Then it's 5 stars. I have the free version and there are no ads, I'm actually going to pay just to support if they comment here and tell me some good news on working on integrations for easier trends. :)

3 : I remain open-minded and curious. My first observations are based on five days of use and external research. The delicate thing about this is the overlap between clinical science, sports science, and even psychology. My first impression is that the biggest use for this, after a lot of observations have been taken, is medical: on your next physical, show it to your doctor and see if it warrants an EKG or the like. This because the concept is not new in the medical arena. For athletic endeavors, if over a long period one sees a correlation between physical activity and scores (say, for example, it's higher in months when you exercise more), great. Otherwise, I am skeptical about the value of any ad hoc reading, even if it is technically correct; and in my case, the morning readiness has had no association whatsoever with how I felt or what I may have done the night before,

4 : Great app. Has become part of my morning ritual. The live preview graph can be fixed. The time (x-axis) isn't true to the clock.

1 : The app "magically" stopped recognizing my Polar H10 strap while other apps can connect to this strap and read data. The company sells their own gadget that is 2 times more expensive than a strap and at least in my case was dead on arrival. And also. Interface of this program is not very good.

1 : Final edit, after using about a month This app isn't very useful. Prefer "HR monitor" by BM innovations. No offline mode. This app MUST upload your data to their servers before they show you the summary or before you can export it. Violates privacy policy. Morning readiness is a pretty random number generator with no explanation to the given readiness state. So much bloat on the app, sometimes UI is unresponsive. Would be 2 stars if I could see my data easily, but I cannot so it's useless.

2 : Would be much better if the numbers could be typed when setting up the breathing practise. Current set up means lots of wasted time trying to get it to the number you want. And would help if you could set how long you want the breathing practise to last and if it would then keep your screen awake for that time.

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Previous versions

Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness 5.5.9
Added on: December 09, 2023
File size: 65.5 MB

Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness 5.5.8
Added on: November 24, 2023
File size: 119.4 MB

Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness 5.5.5
Added on: December 03, 2022
File size: 118 MB

Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness 5.1.4
Added on: January 07, 2021
File size: 51.1 MB

Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness 5.1.3
Added on: January 06, 2021
File size: 51.1 MB

Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness 5.1.2
Added on: December 10, 2020
File size: 49.7 MB

Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness 5.1.1
Added on: November 24, 2020
File size: 49.7 MB

App permissions

Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness 5.5.9 requires following permissions:

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  • Allows an app to access approximate location.

What's New

Bug fixes & performance improvements

About Elite HRV: Wellness & Fitness

Are you looking for an accurate and easy-to-use heart rate variability (HRV) tracking app to monitor your stress and well-being?

The Elite HRV Wellness app gives you a deeper understanding of your stress, recovery, and well-being.

Download the app today to:
-Prevent burnout and improve well-being
-Optimize your training and recovery
-Reduce stress & predict illness risk
-Boost resilience and balance your nervous system
-Get out of survival mode (fight or flight) and into recovery mode
-Identify sources of chronic inflammation
-Stay accountable and objectively measure progress toward your goals.

The Elite HRV Wellness app is free for personal use.

HRV-capable sensor required
-All Compatible HRV Sensors: http://www.elitehrv.com/compatible-devices
-Bluetooth 4.0 is recommended. ANT+ is supported for some devices.

"An excellent way to quantify your recovery and take the emotional bias out of your training intentions. Let the numbers do the talking."

Elite HRV removes the guesswork by answering questions like:
-Am I getting enough quality sleep?
-Should I prioritize self-care today?
-Am I at risk for burnout?
-Did I recover well after my last workout?
-Can I push hard today?

Accuracy is our first priority
--> Our accuracy is comparable to a 5-lead EEG, the gold-standard for HRV analysis. It is continually tested for accuracy through our research partnerships with 115+ universities including Harvard Medical School and Columbia University. The app is used by elite athletes, doctors, police, fire, military personnel and individuals seeking to improve their well-being and performance.

Rewire Your Stress Response with HRV Biofeedback
--> Get exclusive access to Dr. Leah Lagos's 10-week Guided Biofeedback Breathing Program called "Heart Breath Mind: Train your heart to conquer stress and achieve success." Dr. Lagos uses this program to help her patients and clients regulate their emotions, get better sleep, build resilience to stress, and improve their mental and physical performance.

Important App Features:
+ Daily HRV & Morning Readiness Score
+ Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) balance gauge
+ HRV Metrics (Time-domain and Frequency-domain)
+ Guided breathing
+ HRV biofeedback training
+ Team Coaching Platform

Find out if you are parasympathetic dominant or sympathetic dominant - are you constantly in fight or flight (stress) mode? And learn breathing techniques to quickly rebalance your nervous system and prime you for deep sleep.

Monitor progress during your recovery journey from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Fibromyalgia, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and chronic pain.

Why choose Elite HRV?
+ HRV readings take as little as 60 seconds
+ Automated signal cleaning and artifact removal
+ Population data from the largest HRV database
+ Export your HR and HRV data
+ Secure backup
+ Gold standard HRV accuracy

Elite HRV Integrates with Training Peaks, Heads Up Health, Final Surge, Strava, Google Fit, and Sport Tracks.

Live HRV Biofeedback features include:
+ Resonance/Coherence Breathing Pacer
+ Real Time/Live HRV charted visually
+ Audio and visual breathing pacer
+ Set the breathing pacer to your personal resonance frequency

Easily tag and organize your HRV scores with contextual data for more useful trending and analysis.

Create custom tags or choose from tags like:
+ Exercise and RPE
+ Sleep tracking
+ Mood
+ Blood glucose
+ Bodyweight
+ Energy and soreness ratings
+ Custom user-defined tags
+ and more!

Using tags you can track heart rate recovery (HRR), post-exercise cool down, the effects of alcohol, or just about anything you can imagine.

Elite HRV for Teams
Automatically sync your HRV data to your coach, doctor, trainer, or group leader. Teams, groups, and gyms will save hours each day by analyzing their members' data all in one place.

Download the Elite HRV Wellness App now!